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The Dass Pro Stud and Track framework gives most extreme fire security to all your structure plans. Tried to both ASTM E119 and CAN/ULC-S101, the flame test strategies and imperviousness to fire appraisals are ensured in Canada by our adherence to the acknowledgment criteria in CAN/ULC-S101.

The structure business estimates the sound control that a divider will furnish with a rating framework called Sound Transmission Classification or S.T.C. This is a proportion of the capacity for a specific divider to decrease the transmission of airborne sound. The S.T.C. rating depends on tests directed to industry perceived ASTM gauges. When we look at and rate changed materials and congregations regarding how they perform in giving improved sound control, DASS PRO STUD surrounding items contribute equivalent to or superior to other 25 check encircling frameworks, and for the most part superior to anything similar gatherings confined with 20 measure studs.


Benefits of Dass Pro Stud

  • Dass Pro Studs are made using galvanised steel. These studs will never wrap or rot.
  • Studs are Lighter and stronger than wood.Steel Studs are fire resistant and are not subject to termites.
  • Steel Studs are more affordable than wood.
  • Dass Pro Studs has more stability than other studs.
  • Steel Steel Studs are lower in construction costs.
  • Dass Pro Studs are fully compliant with all applicable Canadian Codes and standards for structures and sound.


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